Social Health Information Exchange

A Unifying Architecture for Integrating Healthcare and Social Determinants of Health Data

We connect previously siloed Social Care Referral apps, healthcare systems, social care providers (e.g. homeless shelters, medically tailored meals etc.) and government agencies across a trusted network of networks.

Benefits of Our SHIE

Right Data.

Right Person.

Right Time.

Individual benefits
Efficient Data Discoverability
Workflow Automation & Service Access
Organizational benefits
Shared Understanding Among Partners
Comprehensive Care Management
Population benefits
Population Health Management
Data Driven Decisions

Data Driven Decisions

Empowers your staff by making data accessible across previously siloed program domains. Learn more about our 360° View.
AI Recommendation Engine

AI Recommendation Engine

Intelligent recommendations of services based on service eligibility criterion and client/patient needs and goals.
Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Supercharges staff capabilities by auto filling forms and workflows, so staff can focus on improving care and service delivery.

An Open Standards Approach Supporting Data Control & Ownership

Open City Labs Social Health Information Exchange (SHIE) includes a federated directory/network of networks, which supports over:

600 thousand

Care providers

2.6 million



Annual transactions

Amongst some of the networks supported, provider and endpoint data is crowdsourced across each of the systems/electronic health records and amongst others directory resource information remains under the sole ownership of the organization contributing the data and is only shared with authorized customers of that system.

Our open standards approach dramatically lowers your cost of interoperability. Just as procuring email software from Google allows you to email any provider of email (e.g. Microsoft, Yahoo etc.), by embracing and extending open standards you are only paying for the staff and systems belonging to your organization and you are accessing a network of networks supported by dozens of vendors.

Deployable across any cloud provider, including FedRamp Amazon Web Services and MongoDB infrastructure, our software was built with a comprehensive, multi-layered understanding of interoperability.


Sophisticated level


Trusted Network
Trusted - Standardized directories for trusted endpoints defining where to send data
Workflow - Standardized process elements using business process modeling tools
Knowledge & Reasoning
Action - Standardized, machine readable data that enables action based on a set of rules (e. g. RDF, OWL)
Meaning - Standardized meaning for data interpretation (e. g. LOINC, ICD-10 CM, IEEE 11073)
Flexible - Standardized data exchange formats (e. g. HL7, XML, JSON)
Scalable - Standard protocols for data transfer (e. g. TCP/IP)


Intervention required


Mathew Bishop edited Oemic F. and R. Snelick "Healthcare interoperability standard compliance handbook", pg. 13

Trusted Network interoperability means that sound data governance starts with people. This means ensuring that the people accessing our Social Health Information Exchange are confirmed for who they say they are. We do this by identity proofing new users as part of an onboarding process and implementing robust, role based access control in alignment with federal and state laws and your internal policies and procedures.

Normalizing data with AI enables us to get the right data, to the right person, at the right time. The sophistication of our SHIE provides a wide variety of benefits for patients, clients and caregivers, the staff and organizations serving them and the communities they live in.

How We stand Out

Our SHIE stands out for its ability to leverage both structured and unstructured data that comes from a wide variety of semantic data standards and syntactic data formats.

how we stand out
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  • Being able to make closed loop referrals across Social Care Referral platforms/electronic health records, across an entire state.
  • Driving greater access to the programs and services that improve health and well-being.
  • Successfully connecting dozens of systems within your organization.
  • Automating reporting for programs with different reporting requirements.
  • Reducing the costs of Interoperability with an AI Integration Engine, which is able to operate across a wide range of standards and proprietary APIs.
  • Lower overall costs as a result of embracing Social Care Referrals & an SDOH Data Exchange.

Why Us

An award winning company, our executive team plays leadership roles in the leading national standards groups, including:


The Gravity Project - assessing, diagnosing and delivering interventions to address the social determinants of health.


360x-SD - Social Determinants Closed Loop Referrals


Directory Search, Exchange and Verification - HL7 Patient Administration National Healthcare Directory & Human Services Data Specification (HSDS)