About Open City Labs

Who we are

Our leading-edge technology enables healthcare, human service providers and government agencies to connect the people they serve to the full ecosystem of services available to improve their health and address the social needs making people sick, the social determinants of health. Our technology automates workflows and connects siloed systems across a continuum of care. Our comprehensive platform facilitates and integrates eligibility determinations across all the programs and systems used by our clients. Simultaneously, it provides a single point of signup for over 300 government benefits across 30 agencies – and it offers cross-system, closed-loop referrals to healthcare and human services. Leveraging a shared Care Plan, providers utilize our tools to comprehensively coordinate and integrate their services so they can deliver contextualized, whole-person care. This includes a longitudinal, 360° view of people’s health and social needs, including the pivotal role of their parents, other family members and/or caregivers in shaping their health and well-being.
Our built-in consent management capability can help accelerate cross agency partnerships and data sharing agreements. Instead of siloed programs (e.g. eligibility, referral, application forms etc.), our technology enables a patient’s Care Team to reuse data to automate eligibility and enrollment across government programs. This is made possible by the Master Data Management solution that serves as the foundation for data deduplication, federated analytics and AI solutions to integrate multiple systems at lower costs.
Patients can set goals, take assessments/surveys that identify their clinical or social needs, and receive recommendations of healthcare, human services or government benefits that help them meet their goals and overcome barriers to improving health. Leveraging our partner apps, your patients/clients can easily complete necessary forms in a web browser or iOS/Android mobile app (with translations available in 26+ languages) in order to identify needs, create goals, and facilitate collaboration between providers and the people they serve. At the same time, our AI identifies and recommends programs/services that will address individuals’ needs and help them achieve their goals. Our products integrate easily with HIEs and EHRs, while providing a longitudinal record/care plan for healthcare and human services to meaningfully improve patients’ experiences and, most importantly, their outcomes
Our focus is on strengthening and deepening local ties between healthcare, human services providers and government agencies. We also offer our clients the ability to publish their information in OCL’s National Crowdsourced Resource Directory, which provides them with the opportunity for interoperability with over 276,000 organizations nationwide. Importantly, our built-in consent management system can facilitate and accelerate their ability to navigate cross-agency partnerships and data-sharing agreements.
Our technology breaks down silos, enabling a patient’s care team to reuse data and automate (eligibility, referral, application and enrollment) forms – and many more – across community, healthcare services, and government benefits. This streamlining is made possible by our Master Data Management solution, which serves as the foundation for data deduplication, federated analytics, and AI solutions to integrate multiple systems at lower costs.

We are not just committed to delivering standards-based, state-of-the-art technology solutions, but also to building on the existing clinical capabilities, community services, referral network assets and other strengths and resources of our clients. Moreover, our products empower government agencies to break down the silos between programs and providers to accelerate their impact via:

  • Unparalleled accessibility program
  • Streamlined document management
  • Coordination across programs and services
  • Actionable data and intelligence
  • Master data management
  • AI-enabled automated workflows
Our highly customizable, standards-based Community Exchange/Referral Platform stands out from one-size-fits-all constructs that are the focus of referral platforms. At the same time, we recognize that clinical and human services providers are exhausted from having to utilize multiple systems, so we are sharply focused on dramatically reducing the cost of integration across health and human services referrals and directories.
Finally, it’s important to say that our model will do more than just enable stakeholders to surmount their cross-sector interoperability challenges. It will also help them achieve measurable progress in addressing racial and socio-economic disparities and meaningfully furthering health equity and broadly improving health-related outcomes.