Better Outcomes through Coordinated & Contextual Care

Closed-Loop Referral Management within Your Workflow:
Users can make and receive standards-based referrals secure clinical and SDOH referrals without leaving their workflow/system of record (e.g. EHR, Case Management etc.)
Person-Centered, Longitudinal 360-Degree View to Drive Care Management:
Comprehensive, coordinated, person-centered care requires providers to understand the clinical needs and life circumstances–social determinants of health data housing, access and quality of food– of the people they’re serving. Navigator360 organizes all of that information, so you can deliver your programs and services in the context of their patients/clients’ needs and life circumstances.
Customized Assessments:
Surveys/assessments are incorporated to identify the needs of patients/clients, and then to trigger automatic recommendations of government programs and services that will address those needs.
  • Self-Directed: Applicants can provide intake information on a laptop or tablet in a waiting room.
  • Assisted: Applicants can verbally communicate their information to a staffer, who inputs it in real time.
Collaborative Goal Setting:
Staff can work collaboratively with patients to set goals to improve patient health and well-being. Patients will be able to see these goals in CARE360 and get recommendations to services that will help them achieve their goals.

Comprehensive Access to Programs and Services through Automated Workflows

Automation of Closed Loop Referrals:
With the right integrations, Navigator360 cuts time spent tracking referrals by half by automating the closing of the referral loop.
Eligibility Screening for 300 Government Programs:
Staff can explore, search and receive recommendations of government programs that include healthcare, food, housing, education, work, money, employment and care. Program, service and benefit recommendations are personalized based on Patient data, goals and barriers determined by assessments.
One-Stop-Shop for Applying for Government Programs:
Assist Patients with applications for government programs (e.g. SNAP, WIC etc.).
Directory of Over 300,000 Organization, 2.5 Million Healthcare Providers and Community Based Organizations Staff:
Open City Labs maintains and updates this directory and Customers can add their own organization, and maintains a description of its services and programs to be discovered by other Open City Labs users.

Right Data. Right Person. Right Time

Smart Clinical and SDOH Alerts:
By integrating with an array of partners at low costs, Navigator360 enables providers with consent to subscribe to updates by information domain (e.g., food, housing, health etc.), type (e.g., diagnoses) or provider (subject to relevant consent and data-sharing agreements).
Infectious Disease Alert Services:
Enables configurable sharing of infectious disease alerts among healthcare, education and human services providers (with privacy permissions), so they can implement safety measures to protect others when a client is at risk of returning to a congregate setting (e.g., homeless shelter, group home, nursing home, assisted care, etc.).