Integrated Services for Person Centered Care So People Can Thrive
Our approach facilitates a more holistic, person-centered understanding of patients/clients. And it enables providers to send secure referrals and healthcare data to 2.7 million healthcare providers nationwide.

Our Resource Directory

Reach 360K
Healthcare & Human Service Organizations
Access 2.5M
Healthcare & Human Service Professionals
Autofill Up to 95%
Of Fields on Forms
Reduce by 50%
Time Managing Referrals

Strategic Partners


Healthcare Providers
Hospital Systems, Community Health Centers, Visiting Nurses, Accountable Care Organizations...
Human Service Providers
Food Pantries, Homeless Shelters, Schools, Community Colleges...
Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Health Departments, Social Service Agencies, Education Systems, Housing Authorities . . .

Enabling Healthier, Self-Directed Lives

Personalized Care Driven by Individual Agency
People achieve their greatest health and well-being when their individual goals shape the care they receive – and when they have the right resources to meet those goals.
We support and accelerate assessments and questionnaires, while recommending programs and services based on the goals and needs of individuals and their families.

Better Outcomes through Coordinated and Contextual Care

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Integrated Care Management
Multidisciplinary partners get a holistic view of their clients/patients’ life circumstances, along with tools to better-manage cases and contribute to a unified, longitudinal Care Plan.
360° View
Deliver contextual, person-centered care based on life circumstances and social needs, such as food, housing or financial insecurity, behavioral health, disability or homelessness.
Community Exchange
We use AI and widely accepted standards to create care-coordination systems that share a common language across a wide range of partners and IT Systems (EHRs, HIEs, Case Management etc.).

Comprehensive Access to Programs and Services

Gone are the “walled gardens!” We support referrals to and from any system that supports FHIR or Direct. If your vendor says no, but they support FHIR or Direct, contact us and we will persuade them!
Our customers get a comprehensive listing of health and human service providers in their own community – and they can publish their information to a resource database that’s crowdsourced by every certified EHR in the U.S., comprising over 276,000 organizations.
Our eligibility screening is fully integrated with a person’s data, streamlining access to government benefits, healthcare and human services. Eligibility is comprehensive and includes eligibility questionnaires.
We provide a one-stop-shop across government benefits and enable government application forms to be autofilled, with data across a variety of integrated systems. This can autofill up to 95% of the fields in some forms.