Enabling Healthier, Self-Directed Lives

Collaborative Goal Setting – Users (Staff or Clients/Patients) can create goals and match them with barriers. Users can also link barriers with program subcategories to improve program recommendations. If the Patient facing portal is adopted by the Customer, patients will be able to see, track and get recommendations to services that will help them achieve their goals.

Comprehensive Access to Programs and Services through Automated Workflows

Eligibility Screening for 300 Government Programs
Staff can explore, search and receive recommendations of government programs that include healthcare, food, housing, education, work, money, employment and care. Program, service and benefit recommendations are personalized based on Patient data, goals and barriers.
One-Stop-Shop for Applying for Government Programs
Assist Patients with applications for government programs.
Directory of Over 300,000 Organization, 2.5 Million Healthcare Providers, Community Based Organizations Staff
Open City Labs maintains and updates this directory and Customers can add their own organization, and maintains a description of its services and programs to be discovered by other Open City Labs users.